DeadEye's Guide

  1. Don't leave base in a 1v1, 2v2, or 3v3 situation when your own flag is out of your base- always rape in greater numbers until the flag is safely retrieved. (solo flagging with 4 enemies in your own base should only be done if you can pick up their flag before they pick up your own flag.)

  2. Don't engage in a situation wherein your team is fighting a 1v2 in your own base and a 3v2 in the enemies base. 2v1 are much easier to flag on due to the greater possibility of a successfull flank and the fact that only one bunker can be occupied (as opposed to two.) Exceptions include if the enemy attackers are smoked or if the enemy flag is already out of their base and your team flag is still in the holder.

  3. Don't go for both flags in a flag-swap situation if both flags are farther than 2/3 of the map away from your own base.

  4. Don't leave a person returning a flag to the holder alone to a 1v1 an oncoming enemy attacker at base, your teammate's inability to get into a proper defensive position and his likely disadvantage in health make his chances very low of being able to successfully defend the flag by himself.

  5. Attempt to flood into red base whenever a hole is open, THE IDEAL FLAGGING SITUATION when you are playing as the green team is either a 1v1, 2v1, or 3v1 in red base.

  6. Let a smoker flag unhindered and run as far as you can in the direction of the enemy base if he persues you attempting to suicide. Kill him if he gets within 1/5 of a screen of you, Don't let him get close and drop a short range nade or unload to kill you.

  7. Preserve as much health as possible when attempting to pull out a flag, E is a strong clan and will almost always have support on the way to help spring you into the clear.

  8. Don't be overaggressive with the flag which often results in a costly death and easy save for the other team. Make like a runningback and wait for your teammates to create a hole for you.

  9. Employ the following shooting strategy when crossfiring. The person lower than the enemy should aim above and to the left of the enemy (if shooting from the right) and the person higher than the enemy should aim below and to the left of the enemy (again if shooting from the righ of the enemy)

  10. Flag if you are the one on your team attacking with the most health. If the person with a significant amount of health is flagging (as opposed to a smoker) it's more difficult to stop because a desperation bomb or bouncie won't be enough to kill the flagger and impede the progress of the flag run.

DeadEye's 4v4 Theory

Over the course of ARC, there have been many different theories on what the best possible way to score a cap in a 4v4 are. Here in Enigma, we've been very successfull with a style of play that is somewhat uncommon when compared with many of the other clans on ARC. The following are the key elements involved with this theory.

Aggressiveness, as opposed to passivity
Teammate support
A focus on the constant gain of territory
The assertion that, the more flag attempts you make, the better chance you have of eventually capping one In the following paragraphs, each of these elements will be discussed more in-depth.

Aggressiveness, as opposed to passivity. Many clans on ARC (CaDF, TnT, and INVADER- to name a few) employ a strategy that is passive in nature. These clans double team at base and generally play more defensively as they wait for the 'perfect moment' to try to flag. Enigma has never subscribed to this philosphy- not only is it not a fun way to play, but the only way to win is to cap, and if you're constantly on the defense you cannot do that. In most sports a popular cliche is 'a good defense is a good offense,' but on ARC the opposite holds true, we like to say that 'a good offense is a good defense.'

Teammate support. This is, without a doubt, the most important key to Enigma's success in the past. The whole concept of it can be described in the following phrase, "you should never be under fire by more than one person!" Given the example of a 2v2 situation, this is how it works. If you're receiving fire from two enemies, that means your teammate is not. The person who is under crossfire should retreat until he's no longer under crossfire, and at the same time his teammate should be attacking as aggressively as possible until he starts to receive fire (if by 1 person then he and his teammate reassume the standard 2v2 stance, and if by both then he begins to retreat and his teammate starts to attack- restarting the whole cycle.) Think of it like a motion offense in basketball. If you're under crossfire you retreat, if you're under no fire you attack, then you keep rotating back and forth until one enemy is dead, after which you simply rape the remaining enemy. The second concept of teammate support is one that you will always found employed by the elite clans, and that is secondary weapon support. Always look for oppurtunities to help your teammates out with a simple bomb or bouncy in the direction of the person they're fighting, these can often be very beneficial (and frusterating for the enemy) to your teammate, as well as fairly low risk for you. Also attempt to bomb the same person simultaneously as often as you can, this increases bomb effectiveness exponentially and is employed constantly by CaDF, the 2-time reigning APL champion.

A focus on the constant gain of territory. This concept is simpler than the previous two, as it simply states that you shold always play with the intention of gaining territory from your opponent, eventually culminating in a favorable flag attempt. The second, more important part of this, is that you should always look for holes in the enemy defense that you can use to slide into their base. This is extremely underrated, but really pretty simple. If you sleep into their base uncontested, that forces atleast one of them to drop back on you to defend, which puts them in a more passive stance. It also gives you a great shot at flag run, because if your team wins the 3v3 or 2v2 at midfield, they can support your flag attempt and create a very strong chance for a cap. Constantly look at your radar for holes in their defense, and if you find one, GET TO THEIR BASE!

The assertion that, the more flag attempts you make, the better chance you have of eventually capping one. This ties into the previous concept. Basically, you want to try to get into the opponent's base as often as possible, once you're there, all you have to do is wait for your teammates to win the 2v2 or 3v3 at midfield and come help you (or, if you can, solo by yourself- which is even better.) The more oppurtunities for this situation, the better your chance of completing one successfully. 'Don't be shy about going making flag attempts!'